Our goal is to reduce hospitalization visits, and keep you in the place you call home.

With CARE as our guiding principle we utilize our strengths…


Coordinate – We assist our clients with obtaining the resources they need to successfully complete their care plan.

Advocate – We help you, our client, navigate the confusing healthcare system.

Respect – The client is central  to our structure and purpose.  Always patient focused, as every client matters.

Educate – We provide our clients the education help self-manage their disease progression.

Following these principles, Acuity Healthcare Solutions ranks in the top 5 nationally among our payor partners for quality metrics including client engagement and care plan quality.

We have a diverse team of dedicated care management employees, not contractors.

We reduce visits to emergency departments, hospitals, to keep our clients in the place most familiar to them.

Strengths of our leadership team
 Clinical leadership

 Commitment to quality through education, training, systems, people and process

 Our internal staff goes the extra mile daily in support of our clinical field team

 Our senior team is focused on outcomes through shared values and principles

Organizational design

 The member / client is central to our structure and purpose, patient focused, every member matters

 We know their names, stories, connection to them as people

 Team of educators , training department, leaders support, collaborative effort, team approach

 Our unique approach focuses on the hardest to reach, change or support clients. This is truly the road less traveled.

 Our diverse experience with traditional home care

 Our primary focus is on modulated in-home care with telephonic care support.

 We have a dedicated internal team of educators and managers to support our extensive field staff.

 We are a nationwide care provider that is highly scalable to keep pace with the rapidly growing number of senior citizens.

 We in-source our recruiting efforts and leverage those strengths to hire the best care managers as employees, not contractors.

 We provide a “boots on the ground” team of healthcare professionals.

 We help health systems manage their Narrow network of linked providers to maximize efficiency in the delivery of healthcare

 Navigate the confusing healthcare system for our clients.

Results / outcomes

 We reduce the visits of high utilization members to the ED

 We answer questions that might lead to disease progression

 We rank in the top 5 nationally among our payor partners for quality metrics including client engagement and care plan completion.