Do You Want To Join Our Team?

       ↂ  Are you compassionate and empathetic to client needs and comfortable as an educator?

       ↂ  Do you possess strong ethics, documentation skills and computer skills?

       ↂ  Do you understand the professional boundaries with clients?

       ↂ  Are you able to focus on real problems within our members’ homes, that we can control?

       ↂ  Are you a team player with in-home experience?

       ↂ  Do you want to be part of a growth oriented, innovative, healthcare company?

       ↂ  Apply today and one of our dedicated team members will contact you.

I absolutely love interacting with the clients, and their families. To provide them with the resources that they are unaware of…the happiest part of being a case manager is seeing them improve each week! A client can feel so hopeless on an initial visit, then looks forward to when I’m coming back. – Laurie

I love the repoire that I build with my members. They are so appreciative of the help that I give them. I can see the difference that I make in their lives by helping them. I look forward to seeing them each week and finding ways to improve their health and well being. Everyone is unique and has their own interesting story. – Melissa

Being able to reach out and touch others lives when they are the most vulnerable, being able to guide and educate, being able to provide the listening ear and the hand to hold when life is so confusing….that’s why we do what we do. How lucky we are to be given the opportunity to share others lives. – Debra

I love being able to help and resource assistance for our Members to facilitate their lives. I feel blessed to be a able to be apart of their lives. – Roamak

Thanks for the opportunity to help keep elderly people safe, happy and healthy, and out of more restricted environments, such as what is offered in a nursing home.

I LOVE being a care manager because I am offered the opportunity to help them realize that they are still very capable of being independent and productive if shown resources, new ways of doing things, and connecting them to their community. The relationships that are built are a huge bonus! – Debbie